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@Model for an automobile casting parts trial production (cover)
@By CATIA solid model (3D-CAD data), it is Machining Center machining

@ blow fabrication parts Master model
@for a metallic mold
@@@@( made from chemical wood)
@By CATIA surface model (3D-CAD data), it is Machining Center machining

 Carbon sheet fabrication model
@By CATIA model(3D-CAD data), it is Machining Center machining

@Vacuum fabrication model
@FRP product prototype
@(A four person ride for theme parks)

@A major confectionery maker and a candy master model
@for a metallic mold

@@(Cute animal characters)
@Construction model
@(The Tokyo Big Sight exhibition is in permanent residence
@@at our customerfs company.)

@The London bus model@@(model for a brewery goods exhibition)
@Plastic model trial production model

@An actual size Dolphin object
@"The Tale of Genji" literature of ancient Japan
@1/4 scale model of the furniture used by the aristocracy
@of Japan over 1000 years ago.
@Traditional Kyoto Buddhist artifacts Casting model
@("TAHOUTOU" made from bronze casting)

@A temple installation
Private work @Doorplate of an aluminum casting
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